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24 April 1988
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Alexis; 21 years; Taurus; Year of the Dragon; German; Short; Easy going; open-minded; stubborn as an ox; friendly; slightly introverted; independent; happy, goofy; opinionated; very sarcastic. Likes Shannon Leto; Frank Iero; music; 30 Seconds to Mars; Adam Lambert; David Cook; My Chemical Romance; Linkin Park; concerts; photoshop; art; photography; the beach; driving; animals; horseback riding; friends & family; warm weather; driving; snow.

Dislikes ignorance; close-mindedness; slow drivers/walkers; superiorism; assholes who are assholes just because they feel like it; cats.
All graphics made by me unless otherwise noted. Please, do not steal anything & give credit where credit is due. Ask before using anything "personal". Like what you see? Head over & join my graphics community for more!

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30 seconds to mars, 30stm, adam lambert, advent children, alan rickman, american eagle, american idol, analog heart, animals, anime, art, billie joe armstrong, bjork, blink-182, blood, bob bryar, boondock saints, caffeine, cameras, carlisle cullen, cell phones, chester bennington, chinchillas, coffee, coheed and cambria, coke, concerts, cuddling, dance dance revolution, david cook, depeche mode, dogs, drawing, dressage, drinking, driving, drummers, edward cullen, elvis, fan fiction, fanart, ffvii, final fantasy, food, frank iero, frerard, friends, gerard butler, gerard way, german, german music, germany, graphics, great dane, great danes, green day, gundam wing, happiness, hedgehogs, horseback riding, horses, house md, hugging, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, humor, invader zim, ipod, ireland, jagerbombs, jagermeister, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jared leto, johnny depp, journey, kings of leon, kissing, laughing, leathermouth, letocest, life, linkin park, love, lpu, mark hoppus, mcr, michael buble, michael jackson, mike shinoda, mikey way, monster, muse, music, my chemical romance, mythology, nine inch nails, norman reedus, one tree hill, oranges, pacsun, partying, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, projekt revolution, pugs, puppies, queen, rammstein, ray toro, red hot chili peppers, richard kruspe, riding, robert smith, robyn, rock, sarcasm, sex, shannon leto, slash, smirnoff, staind, starbucks, taking back sunday, tattoos, texting, the boondock saints, the cure, the echelon, the lion king, the ocean, the war boys, three days grace, thunderstorms, thursday, twilight, twilight princess, underoath, vampires, verbotene liebe, video games, vincent valentine, vodka, word nerds, zacky vengeance, zelda, zelda ocarina of time, ₪ ø Ξ .o·